Canine Bowen Technique (CBT)

The gentle, holistic system of bodywork

Canine Bowen Technique (CBT) is a gentle, holistic system of bodywork for and with dogs. Its main goal is to activate the body's own power of self-healing and relaxation.


The Bowen Technique is mainly known as a human therapy (Tom Bowen Therapy). It was adapted for dogs in England by practitioners, dog trainers and behaviorists in close cooperation with vets.


The Canine Bowen Technique consists of soft, rolling movements of fingers or thumbs over soft tissue like muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia at specific points of the body. Sequences of moves and pauses alternate. 


CBT-consultation will typically last 30-45 minutes. During this time, the dog will not be held or restrained, it does not have to obey any commands and nothing will be forced onto your pet. After the consultation your dog will process the received impulses, which can take several days.  


CBT is suitable for all dogs regardless of their constitution and/or age.


CBT does not substitute veterinarian care, but complements it. Therefore, prior to the first consultation, a declaration of consent must be made and signed by your veterinarian (see PDF download below - the form is in German).


During a CBT-consultation I will never diagnose your dog, prescribe any medication or alter the medication already prescribed to your dog. 



·       problems of the musculoskeletal system

·       osteoarthritis, muscle strain or sprains

·       back problems

·       behavioral issues of all kinds (restlessness, anxiety, aggression, etc.)

·       stress and trauma (e.g. rescue dogs)

·       pre- and post-operative surgery

·       chronic ailments and acute illnesses

·       complaints of old age 

·       to support working dogs

CBT TA Einverständniserklärung.pdf
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