Main Stefanoni

My name is Marjolijn Stefanoni. I was born in The Netherlands in 1968 and I have been living in Switzerland since 1996 where I am known as Main (pronounced Mine).

Ever since I was a little girl I had a passion for dogs. When Wesha came into our family in 2008, my dream of having my own dog finally came true. Only 8 months later, Ghandi († 12.06.21) a Spanish rescue dog, came into our lives and completed our family.


After moving to Würenlos, the dogs and I started man-trailing with Daniela Markwalder (Canis Fortuna). She taught me so much about dogs in general and I enjoyed this "different" kind of training so much, that in 2017 I myself attended the course "Hundeführerausbildung" at NF Footstep (specialisation Social Walks). After completion, I started supporting Daniela as a dog trainer. I love working with dogs and their humans and I am touched time and time again by seeing how much trust and love can develop between dogs and their humans. 


Early 2019 I successfully completed the Canine Bowen Technique study. It is wonderful to see how clear dogs are in their communication and how much trust they give me during the consultations.


Additionally, I finished the "Verhaltensausbildung" (Canine Behavior Trainer) study and I am at your disposal in this capacity too. 


I am very thankful and happy, that I found my way to NF Footstep (with a little nudge from Daniela). It has enriched my life and strengthened my relationship with Wesha and Ghandi a lot. 


Verhaltensausbildung, NF Footstep, Maienfeld (2020-2021)

Praxisausbildung Welpen und Junghunde, NF Footstep, Maienfeld (2021)

Canine Bowen Technique, NF Footstep, Maienfeld (2017-2019)

Tom Bowen Therapy, Emmett Therapies (2017-2018)

Hundeführerausbildung HFA, NF Footstep, Maienfeld (2017)