Main Stefanoni

My name is Marjolijn Stefanoni. I was born in The Netherlands in 1968 and I have been living in Switzerland since 1996 where I am known as Main (pronounced Mine).

Ever since I was a little girl I had a passion for dogs. When Wesha came into our family in 2008, my dream of having my own dog finally came true. Only 8 months later, Ghandi († 12.06.21) a Spanish rescue dog, came into our lives and completed our family. Our latest addition, Tonia, has moved in with us per April 2023. We are very thankful that Hundehilfe Motril let us adopt her. Tonia brings a lot of life and joy into our home.


After moving to Würenlos, the dogs and I started man-trailing with Daniela Markwalder (Canis Fortuna). She taught me so much about dogs in general and I enjoyed this "different" kind of training so much, that in 2017 I myself attended the course "Hundeführerausbildung" at NF Footstep (specialisation Social Walks). After completion, I started supporting Daniela as a dog trainer. I love working with dogs and their humans and I am touched time and time again by seeing how much trust and love can develop between dogs and their humans. 


Early 2019 I successfully completed the Canine Bowen Technique study. It is wonderful to see how clear dogs are in their communication and how much trust they give me during the consultations.


Additionally, I finished the "Verhaltensausbildung" (Canine Behavior Trainer) study and I am at your disposal in this capacity too. 


I am very thankful and happy, that I found my way to NF Footstep (with a little nudge from Daniela). It has enriched my life and strengthened my relationship with our dogs a lot. 


Verhaltensausbildung, NF Footstep, Maienfeld (2020-2021)

Praxisausbildung Welpen und Junghunde, NF Footstep, Maienfeld (2021)

Canine Bowen Technique, NF Footstep, Maienfeld (2017-2019)

Tom Bowen Therapy, Emmett Therapies (2017-2018)

Hundeführerausbildung HFA, NF Footstep, Maienfeld (2017)